Aluminum Foil Mould

Our company based of nathional or oversea’s feature,research and develop ourself,and manufacture the lastest composite sing-pass forming die,have the below features:

We adopt domestic or imported alloy steel,make sure mould can run in high speed.

Mould frame in professional design, air channel design specially,and with lubricating system inside.

We adopt high frequency or spread on carbon high processing workmanship,so that extend mould’s working life.

We adopt special processing methods to make out various shape of mould.

Principle of mould forming

upper mould moving down to cutting male die , and cutting female die to cut the material, upper mould keep

moving down, blank holder and cutting male die produce blank holder force in the action of below cylinder,and realize first level stretching in the action of upper mold core and below mold core.

First level stretching female die continue to move,to realize the second level stretching with the second level stretching male die,ejector makes sign on products at the same time.

Punch pressure pass the below deadpoint. blank holder and the first level female die to form a roll round space in the action of below cylinder,rolling products into round and continue go up,the below cylinder eject products out,and blow away from mould in the action of blower.

Our aluminum foil molds are mainly divided into aluminum foil container series, Wrinkle-free aluminum foil container series and aluminum foil roll series.


Aluminum foil container series

Aluminum foil  boxes of its  material  is qualitative  liht, high  barrier property, resistance to  ultraviolet, moistureproof and anticorrosive andlong shelf life  and other characteristics conform to the  modern concept of environmental health.


Wrinkle-free aluminum foil container series

Aluminum foil because of its outstanding high and low temperature resistance, plasticity, barrier property, stability, recyclability and become the preferred materyil of disposable containers; Widely used in baking, frozen, barbecue, storage, packaging and other purposes.


Aluminum foil roll series

For west baking mat,facilitate clean pan,at the same time easy to partial baking cookies.

Can be used for large cuts of meat such as grilling turkey, by wrapping the turkey, making the turkey softer and more juicy while avoiding the gravy splash.

Post time: Jan-05-2022