NK-MT45 Semi Automatic Production Line

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The enterprise introduces first-class production and processing equipment technology and strong technical strength,as well as many years of theoretical and practical experience after integration.Based on years of development and research on aluminum foil lunch box machinery and molds,and to meet the needs of our customers,we continue to develop and manufacture various specifications of aluminum foil lunch box molds and the most advanced and stable aluminum foil lunch box production line in the industry..NK-MT45 Aluminum Foil Container Production Line Our company’s aluminum foil container production line is composed of feeders,precision presses,and molds.(Mold can be selected according to needs)

Product performance characteristics

1.The whole machine adopts programmable controller as the control system,which is safe and reliable.The feeding length,production sped and other parameters are simply set,gas and electricity are integrated,centralized control,and fully automatic production.
2.The feeding,stamping and product ejection are all automated during operation.
3.The precision press adopts steel plate welded body,frequency conversion speed regulation ,dry friction clutch,rigid overload safety device,and has the characteristics of high precision and good reliability.
4.The feeding system adopts step-by-step control,and the feeding length is accurate and error-free,,and can be set arbitrarily within the length of 20mm-999mm.

At the same time,the semi-automatic equipment has a small footprint and simple operation,It is a cost-effective product and an entry-level product for general small factories.

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