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Short Description:

Type: Container

Use: baking

Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China

Brand Name: CSD

Model Number: F30

Material: Aluminum, aluminum

Plastic Type: PE

Process Type: Pulp Moulding

Custom Order: Accept

Product name: Aluminum foil rolls




Length optional: 30m/50ml00m/150m/200m

Length wide : 380mm  450mm

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Product Description

Food Grade Aluminium Foil Roll Heavy Duty Non-stick Aluminum Foil Kitchen Use Aluminium Foil Paper

Food Grade Aluminium Foil Roll Heavy Duty Non-stick Aluminum Foil Kitchen Use Aluminium Foil Paper

* XTRA THICKNESS CLING: The ultra-thick heavy duty aluminum foil features a higher tensile strength and resilience, making it suitable for extreme household usage. This aluminum foil roll also provides better coverage and heat retention.
* BEST VALUE: The ultra-thick silver foil wrapping paper provides much better value for money than normal heavy duty foils.

◆The thermal conductivity of tin foil is very good, and it has sealing properties.
◆When baking some recipes of meat or vegetables, use tin foil Wrap the ingredients, it can lock the moisture well, Make food appear fresh and tender; in addition, it can Avoid over-coloring the food and make the color more beautiful.
◆Aluminum foil has replaced tin foil in daily life.
◆The surface layer of the current aluminum foil will be coated with a coating,
◆Avoid the release of metallic aluminum.
◆ BRAND: Chushidun
◆ NAME: Aluminum foil
◆ MATERIAL QUALITY: Aluminum foil
◆ SUITABLE NUMBER: 1-multiplayer
◆ COLOUR: Silver
◆ FEATURE: No rust, no coating, physical non-stick, less oily smoke
◆ MODEL NUMBER: long 30/50/100/150/200m
◆ SUITABLE FOR STOVES : Gas stove Induction stove Halogen stove Electric stove general

◆ Our foil rolls are 18% thicker and better quality than other brands on the market which are much easier to use
◆ High quality aluminum foil on the toughest jobs from the freezer to the oven without the risk of a tear ULTRA THICK: Our heavy duty foil are ULTRA THICK .

Paper tube picture 

At present, our factory has different sizes and thicknesses of paper tubes for customers to choose.

HEAVY DUTY HOUSEHOLD FOIL: This foil wrap dispenser is a is suitable kitchen wrap organizer for providing a thick layer of protection or coverage in high-temperature environments without breaking

Product uses

* Line pans with nonstick aluminum foil for easy food removal without any grease or cooking spray
* Reynolds Wrap nonstick foil is perfect for roasting or baking your Thanksgiving, Christmas, or other holiday dishes – tent your turkey, ham, and roasts for juicy flavor
* Lock in flavor when you use aluminum foil for baking quick and easy foil packets that keep food moist or when you wrap andstore leftovers with this reusable aluminum foil

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