NK-AT80 Full automatic aluminum foil container production line

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This equipment’s advanced design lies in:1, contain oil the AL-foil, Feeding AL-foil, waster packing, stacking during production, and The electric part of the line adopts PLC control, has realized the non-hominization production which completely the aluminum box stamps out, thus enhanced operators’security greatly.2, Widened the aluminum foil material use width, has carried on the high accuracy rationalization layout to the multi-cavity mold, raised the aluminum foil mgteria use factor greatly.3, The advanced production processing craff as well as the precise technique of manufacture cause the product quality which this equipment produces to be higher

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The whole productionline includes: feeding machine,press machine,automatic stacker,scrap collector.

This equipment produces each kind of aluminum foil container’s special purpose equipment, is suitable for AL-foil thickness 0.035-0.28mm,Maxwidth of feeding is 550MM。

1. Electric power: 16kw (attached list)
2.production efficiency: 20-70Time/min; Rate of finished products:It is not lower than 98%
3. The oil on the face of AL-foil is professional stretch oil, may volatilize for the mixture.
4.Total gas-pressure meter:0.7kp~0.8kp; upper mould gas-pressure:0.4kp; down mould gas-pressure:0.2kp. Minute gas-pressure meter side-blown:0.3-0.65kp.
5.The function of the equipment:

label Power project Power Quality single total Account
1 Mein motor 5.5KW 1 tower 5.5KW
2 Lube oil pump motor 120W 1 tower 120W
3 Roller motor with oil 1.5W 1 tower 1.5KW
4 stepper motor 200W 1 tower 200W
6 Waster collecter 4KW 1 tower 4KW
7 hydraulic baling press 4KW 1 tower 4KW
8 conveyer belt motor 370W 1 tower 370W
9 magnetic powder brake 200W 2 400
10 Staking motor 200W 3【or 2) 600W (400WI
Total 16.69KW

Production operation requirement

Power supply The three phase
The single phase
Frequency range Frequency range Pressure
AC three-phase five-wire including neutral wire and ground wire 380v (or 220v) 220v 50/60Hz Below 50℃ Consumption = 1m3/min, 0.6-1MPa


Every part function specification

1. Electric panel: Electric control assembly
2.Uncolier unit: oil AL-foil double-face,and than roll out.
3.Waster packing: packing the waster Aluminum foil
4.Stacking: automatic stacking the products
5. Press machine: press the host machine.
6.Scrap collecter; collect the waste AL-foil and send it to waster packing machine.

This equipment accept “independent operation, comprehensive management”concept to run every movement part. make each moving part is related but not interfere with each other, PLC for processing all the feedback information,greatly improving the equipment stability and the accuracy of the data.

Principle of mould forming

Upper mould moving down to cutting male die, and cutting female die to cut the material, upper mould keep moving down, blank holder and cutting male die produce blank holder force in the action of below cylinder,and realize first level stretching in the action of upper mold core and below mold core. First level stretching female die continue to move, to realize the second level stretching with the second level stretching male die,ejector makes sign on products at the same time.Punch pressure pass the below deadpoint.blank holder and the first level female die to form a roll round space in the action of below cylinder,rolling products into round and continue go up, the below cylinder eject products out,and blow away from mould in the action of blower.

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